It’s hard to accept the ‘unexplainable’ German GP crash

The polesitter is expected to be the main threat for victory in the 30-lap German GP on Sunday as he hopes to get his lost championship challenge back on track after a slippery 69-point gap with Fabio Quartararo when he was eliminated from the Catalan GP.

But Bagnaia, who had lost the lead from the Quartararo line at the Sachsenring, fell off the exit on Turn 1 at the start of the fourth lap when the back of his GP22 met him.

The Ducati rider – whose title hopes are now gone 91 points behind Quartararo – is at a total loss to explain his crash.

“I’m trying to repeat in my mind what happened and in any of that I can’t explain my crash,” he said.

“I don’t know why. For sure, if I collided I made a mistake. But in this situation, it is very difficult to know why, to understand why.

“Look at the data, it’s impossible to understand things. So, I’m angry here because I can’t explain, I’m angry for that because when you crash and you know why, normally I’m very self- dangerous.

“But now I can’t do it because the reason why I crashed is something I can’t explain. So, it’s harder to accept.

“The only thing is positive thing is again we were at the top, we were the fastest and I think also looking at the pace that our potential is high.

“But this is another opportunity that Fabio has shown that he is more complete than me.”

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team crash

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

Bagnaia added that he had never had such a crash in his career and said the only difference with the laps back then was his “still stamping”.

“I do over 70 laps per day [in Germany] and in either of those I am [didn’t] feel a close thing like this, “he added.

“It never happened in my life that I crashed like this – in [Valentino Rossi’s] ranch, where I’m on a dirt track, so it’s easier to have that.

“But it is very difficult to know why. So is my lean angle, the speed.

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“I was turn more for the exit, so it was very hard to understand why I crashed.

“So, it’s the hardest thing at the moment because maybe our bike lives on a margin like this that if you walk wide you’re going to collide.

“But, now my crash is so, I think it’s at the limit.”

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