Hoffman Got the Modified Win In Adams County

NIck Hoffman. (Photo: Brendon Bauman)

QUINCY, Ill. – While Nick Hoffman’s perfect DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals season is still intact, it was certainly challenged on Wednesday night at Adams County Raceway.

After dropping the green on the 25-lap feature, Hoffman slipped back to fourth after Elite Chassis customer Kelly Koovski passed him for third within the first five laps of the race. A yellow was thrown momentarily, which Hoffman used to return the favor on subsequent restarts.

“I did pretty poorly in the first five laps in choosing the right lane,” Hoffman said. “I could have just fallen in line and rode in third, which, in retrospect here, was probably the smarter thing to do, but I tried to run out in the middle of the racetrack and it got really dirty.”

Hoffman next set his sights on Kenny Wallace in the second, catching and passing him the same way after four laps. The only leader left was Tyler Nicely to go.

Hoffman and Nicely stood side by side for several laps, swapping the top spot back and forth a few times before Hoffman used the lapped traffic to get away completely from the lead.

“[Nicely] was running in the middle lane, pretty much where I wanted to be, and I was able to make enough speed below to show him the nose, ”Hoffman said of his passing for the lead in Nicely.“ I was really surprised that he wasn’t went down and tried. There were many instances where he could go down and run under, but he didn’t. “

Ultimately, Hoffman mastered Adams County for his 63rd career Summit Modified victory, while Kyle Steffens zoomed ahead on the final restart, taking four positions in two laps to capture the runner-up spot. Well rounded the podium.

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