Famous comedian believes “You can drive for any NASCAR team” if you can pull this off

Entering the high-octane world of NASCAR is not for the faint of heart. It takes a rare combination of grit, skill and determination to rise above the thousands of aspiring drivers vying for a chance to compete on the biggest stage in motorsport. However, one comedian believes they have found the perfect formula for anyone to get on a NASCAR team.

Maybe not literally, but rather as a light-hearted humorous take on a particular challenge they faced. A fan on social media recently talked about how navigating safely out of a certain parking lot should be enough for some teams to consider bringing them on as a driver.


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The fan said this about maneuvering through the parking lot

In his post, Joe Dubin mentioned, “Said it before and will say it again. If you can successfully navigate the parking lot at Donelson Kroger and not hit a ton of cars OR get hit, you can drive for any NASCAR team. Anyone. NASCAR. Team.”

He also seemed pretty adamant about it, emphasizing that it could literally be “any” NASCAR team. It was all in humor though. After all, is a comedian and media personality at heart. But in the real world, having this skill, while commendable, may not be enough to gain entry into the top tier of motorsports in America.


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So how hard is it to actually make it to NASCAR?

Humor aside, the road to becoming a professional racing driver is long and challenging. Drivers typically begin their journey in lower level racing series – usually at a very early age. If they can acquire the skill set and are consistent, they can graduate to the NASCAR Truck Series and Xfinity Series. These series serve as a proving ground for young drivers to further develop their skills and gain experience driving at a variety of tracks.

As they progress through these levels, drivers must consistently perform well and catch the attention of team owners and sponsors. Once they’ve proven themselves at the lower levels and have the support of a team and sponsors, they can make the jump to the NASCAR Cup Series.


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However, it is important to note that even reaching the lower levels is no easy task. Drivers must have a strong background in racing and must be able to consistently perform well in lower level competitions. They also need the backing of a team, sponsors and financial backing to even have an outside chance of reaching Cup level. Simply put, the journey to becoming a NASCAR Cup Series driver is long, challenging and competitive. But for those with the talent, determination and resources, the rewards can be huge.

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