Espargaro branded British MotoGP’s long lap penalty loop a “joke”.

The Yamaha rider will serve the penalty after colliding with Espargaro during the Dutch TT at Assen while trying to overtake his championship rival last time out.

But the Aprilia rider, who sits second in the standings and is just 21 points adrift, said riders were losing “eight-tenths” to take the penalty at Silverstone compared to “3.2s in Barcelona”.

Espargaro said: “Just a joke. I don’t mean to complain about the long lap because it’s like I’m saying because my rival has to take a long lap penalty.

“But it’s just a joke, you lose eight tenths. He tries now and only loses eight tenths.

“We need to be more professional here. Long lap is a soft penalty, I like this penalty. It’s a show, it’s beautiful.

“But if they say it’s three seconds, it should be three seconds everywhere. If somewhere it’s 2.5s, that’s ok. But eight tenths, ridiculous. But it doesn’t matter.

“Just two seconds, Jack [Miller] proven this year [at Assen] that you can do a long lap and fight for the podium. So, [I] think of Fabio [can do the same].”

Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha Factory Racing

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

The Aprilia rider, who finished fourth in Assen despite crashing, said he “doesn’t think it will be difficult to do the right long lap penalty”.

He added: “You see this long lap penalty a meter off the track in the correct layout.

“It’s easy to do the long lap penalty, but I don’t know what they did [here at Silverstone].”

Despite his complaints, Espargaro said the long lap was “better for show” and “a good invention” because it was brought in to reduce the need for expensive ride-through penalties for minor infractions. .

“We have to remember it’s a show, and it’s nice to have a long lap penalty,” he said.

“We are making noise about the long lap penalty. It is not at the end. I think it’s a good punishment.

“In the past you made a false start, you had to do a ride-through and the race was a disaster.

“Now you do the long lap penalty, you showed better. It’s great, I think it’s a great invention.

“But we have to be serious about the long lap penalty. I didn’t think it was that hard. Someone came with a Superbike, tried it. If it’s fast, make it tighter. You can half a second difference, but not 3.2s in Barcelona to 0.8s here.

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