DTM Electric is targeting a start date of 2024, prototype operation in 2023

After a demonstration car appeared at the 2020 Hockenheim finale, DTM announced at Norisring last year a model of its 1000bhp concept that would be the basis of the one-make championship.

Resl told Motorsport.com in Imola that it was “very close to prototype [in] development “.

He explained that the ITR will soon finalize the details to start developing the prototype ready for testing next year.

“At least for the prototype in 2023 we should be safe,” he said.

“2024 is the planned target, but in electronic things at the moment you’re looking for 48 weeks of delivery time, so it depends on how many teams we have and how many cars we can actually make from one aspects of procurement. “

However, the ITR is open with a start in 2025 that will allow manufacturers who currently don’t have electric GT offers to develop products first, where Resl stressed that “we don’t want to rush into something.”

“We saw everything from,‘ Hey guys, take it faster and we’re ‘to,‘ We don’t really have a car to promote the activity ’,” he said.

“If we come to 2025, more manufacturers will have the actual product they want to see, but 2024 will give them a head-start so they can show a car that doesn’t. [yet]. “

When asked how important DTM Electric’s success is in ITR, Resl said: “It’s a natural thing so we want to introduce a product that will work in the market.

“The luxury with DTM is we have a combustion program to give the option to add something, rather than make a decision on how we’re going.

“We’re very flexible because we have a platform and on that platform we can do different things.

DTM electric car

Photo by: DTM

“On the one hand, if you make DTM fossil-free in terms of fuel, and you add DTM Electric, does it matter that they both work? Absolutely.

“And there’s no reason to believe that DTM Electric can’t be successful in how we want to deal with it.”

ITR is also looking for private outfits and Resl said he “wants to see the Uber team” in addition to the manufacturer’s entries.

Amid the increasing cost-effective LMDh platform, which allows manufacturers to use their own styling cues and combustion engines in a spec LMP2 chassis and paired with a standard hybrid unit, Resl said the ITR is “ will provide freedom in certain relevant areas for the OEMs ”.

But he confirmed that the car “will usually have the same signature” for the first three -year homologation period before it “will then open more”.

Resl added that DTM Electric will not use “artificial gimmicks” and is set to be close to the current DTM weekend format of the qualifying grid setting for sprint races.

“There’s everything possible from two sprint races with charging in-between, or a longer sprint race with no charging,” he said.

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