Busch Stopped Larson At Texas

Brexton Busch (POWRi photo)

FORT WORTH, Texas — Brexton Busch perfected the night at Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway in Christopher Bell’s Micro Mania debut action with the preliminary feature event of the POWRi Jr Sprint League on Thursday night.

Entering a tough field of 31 POWRi Jr. competitors. Sprint League at Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway saw Busch set the fastest qualifying time with a 14.324-second lap.

Brexton Busch, Gavin McDonald, Noah Betts, and Jaydon Hiller would claim heat racing wins with Jagger Wiggs taking the lone semi-feature victory.

Taking to the recently redesigned race track, high-point qualifier Busch used an inside front-row start to lead outside front-row companion McDonald in the early laps as Hiller, Owen Larson and Mattix McBride ran in the top five.

The restart after the mid-race caution would see Larson strike into the lead past Busch with McBride following in the runner-up spot. Busch regained second with McBride hanging tight for third.

Consolidating the field after a late restart saw Busch regain the top-spot past a fast-running Larson in a great battle on a glass-smooth racing surface.

Busch would hold on to the front of the field to capture the event’s first feature victory with one-time leader Larson resulting in a runner-up finish.

“I tried to follow Owen every lap but it just got higher every time and I got the lead back, this win means a lot,” said Busch as the first feature winner at Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway in C. Bell’s Micro Mania with Jr. Sprints.

Debating the front-runners late on, Wren took a solid third from starting 10th with Hiller taking fourth while Kaiden Lane moved up 10 positions to round out the top five.

The ending:

Features (20 Laps): 1. 18B-Brexton Busch[1]; 2. 81-Owen Larson[5]; 3. 21W-Oakley Wren[10]; 4. 21J-Jayden Hiller[4]; 5. 99L-Kaiden Lane[15]; 6. 14K-Kinser Bloomquist[8]; 7. 22G-Gavin McDonald[2]; 8. 17C-Caleb Johannesen[11]; 9. 97-Cash Lacombe[12]; 10. 71-Jagger Wiggs[17]; 11. 11-Mattix McBride[6]; 12. 55K-Kayden Anderson[18]; 13. 12P-Collin Pruitt[19]; 14. 308-Noah Betts[3]; 15. 23F-Kelson Fisher[14]; 16. 88E-Emery Laplante[16]; 17. 11S-Sawyer McBride[7]; 18. 9-Bristol Spicola[20]; 19. 04-Jude Allgayer[9]; 20. 14JR-Jaxon Nail[13].

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