Brown delivered on the 360 ​​Nationals Run

Brian Brown won Friday’s preliminary feature for the 360 ​​Knoxville Nationals. (Photo by Frank Smith)

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — Brian Brown led wire to wire in the Mid-Am Building Supply 360 Knoxville Nationals Presented by Great Southern Bank night two at Knoxville Raceway Friday.

Lynton Jeffrey emerged as the high point man for both qualifying nights and will sit on the pole for Saturday’s championship $15,000-to-win event. Jeffrey uses a borrowed machine.

Brown started third and quickly shot past starters Christopher Thram and Blake Hahn to the lead, ahead of Thram, Wayne Johnson, Terry McCarl and Hahn. Jeffrey made it into the top five by lap four.

2022 08 05 Knoxville 360's Brian Brown Christopher Thram Paul Arch Photo Dsc 6937 (12)a
Brian Brown (21) leads Christopher Thram Friday at Knoxville Raceway. (Photo by Paul Arch)

McCarl used the low side to take third from Johnson on lap five. Brown hit traffic on the eighth circuit, but and the incident involving Kelby Watt, collected Davey Heskin, who overturned, and Kaleb Johnson.

The restart saw Brown lead Thram, McCarl, Johnson and Jeffrey. Jeffrey worked by Johnson for fourth, and Clint Garner followed him in fifth at the halfway point. McCarl used the high side to reach Thram at second with six left.

Brown lapped traffic with three to go and pulled away to win by more than four seconds.

McCarl was second, Jeffrey took third with two more and Thram and Garner followed.

Watt set the fast time in the 56-car field.

“It’s good to be here,” Brown said. “The 360 ​​Nationals…last night went well for us, but qualification night…it looked like we didn’t qualify. We dug a hole and started deep. We should be in the first three columns (within three columns). I feel like if our car is like this, if we do our job we can beat anyone in the world.”

“(Thram) did a great job,” McCarl said. “I started looking for the bottom there and stood next to him. We weren’t quite there yet, he took my line off me. That’s exactly what I was going to do to him. It took a while to get going. After that yellow, my tire didn’t want to take off and didn’t feel much like my old yellow.

“It’s good news (being a high point driver),” Jeffrey said. “I can not believe. I didn’t even have a motorcycle this morning. I don’t know, but Jody Hegwood loaned us one (driven by Devin Kline). Luckily they took it out of his car and put it in my car overnight. It’s a really nice motor. I’m a little excited. Sitting on the pole at the 360 ​​Nationals is definitely a feather in the cap. We’re just going to try to finish it.”

The ending:

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Brian Brown (3); 2. Terry McCarl (4); 3. Lynton Jeffrey (6); 4. Christopher Thram (1); 5. Clint Garner (7); 6. Wayne Johnson (5); 7. Cale Thomas (13); 8. Kyle Larson (21); 9. Tasker Phillips (9); 10. Blake Hahn (2); 11. Tyler Courtney (12); 12. Ian Madsen (19); 13. Carson McCarl (10); 14. Brady Bacon (22); 15. Justin Sanders (11); 16. Harry White (17); 17. Jake Bubak (20); 18. Brady Forbrook (24); 19. Ryan Roberts (23); 20. Cam Martin (15); 21. Austin Miller (18); 22. Kelby Watt (8); 23. Davey Heskin (14); 24. Caleb Johnson (16).

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