Bradl is confident that Honda can fix the “extreme” heat issue on the MotoGP bike

HRC official test rider Bradl stands for Marc Marquez for the foreseeable future as the six-time world champion recovers from a fourth major operation on his right arm.

In the absence of Marquez, Honda experienced its first point-less grand prix since the 1982 French GP when it last appeared at the Sachsenring.

Only Bradl reached the checkered flag from Honda’s stable, but 52s off the win as he was forced to retreat immediately due to a massive heat problem on the RC213V that caused a fire in his right foot.

The German said it wasn’t a new problem for Honda, but the Sachsenring incident was the worst to happen, which he believes was due to a combination of defects in the bike itself and the scorching 35-degree heat the race ran. .

However, he is confident Honda will accept his feedback and find a solution.

Speaking before this weekend’s Dutch GP in Assen, Bradl said: “Same with previous seasons [Honda has had this heat issue]but it seems that of all the things that come together in the last race this is the biggest and most intense problem I have ever experienced.

“We have to do something, especially for the right foot. Maybe it’s also a combination, like airflow, exhaust, I have no idea.

“I don’t know what they can do but I’m sure the engineers will find a solution.”

Stefan Bradl, Repsol Honda Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

LCR Honda rider Alex Marquez suggested that Bradl’s problem with burning his foot may be due to the rider equipment he was using.

But Bradl said his team specially prepared his equipment during training to try to fight the heat, while also adding that he was quite surprised by the issues he had with his front brake lever heating up early in the race, who admitted that he was “dying” in the first three laps.

“We have done everything,” he said when asked if any changes have been made to his riding equipment.

“What we could do about the preparations for my riding gear, we did everything we could.

“In practice we were putting some covers on the bike, under my foot, inside, everywhere we tried to cover with a special tape and we did our best.

“Something needs to be done, it needs to be changed. I told Sachsenring, from a rider’s point of view I suffered so bad that you can’t concentrate riding on the bike anymore.

“Also, I didn’t expect these brake lever problems to be too hot. You lost feeling, you lost control of the bike.

“So, you fall, or you let the others leave and breathe some fresh air. It’s incredible, the first three laps I’m dying. On braking for Turn 1, the lever doesn’t cool.

“It was the first problem, and eventually the right foot burned.”

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