Billy Pauch Jr., earned a SpeedSTR win at Bloomsburg Fair Raceway; Rodney Morgan leads the field of IMCA

All Pro SpeedSTRs and NY/PA IMCA Modifieds joined the USAC Sprints as part of the finale of the Eastern Storm tour at Bloomsburg Fair Raceway to produce a well -rounded Father’s Day evening at the 3/8th mile dirt oval at the historic Bloomsburg Fairgrounds.

Billy Pauch Jr., of Milford, NJ and Rodney Morgan of Troy where their respective winners were SpeedSTRs and Modifieds.

In SpeedSTR main heat winners Pauch and Rich Tobias shared the front row for the start of the 20 lap contest. When the action began, Pauch wasted little time getting off the early lead with Tobias in tow.

Unfortunately, Tobias ’night ended on the fourth lap when his steering broke and he was forced to quit the race.

Meanwhile, Pauch still holds a solid lead, making it some car length to Louden Reimert. Reimert was busy at the time removing the intense charge on Alex Bright as the pair were closely battling for second. Mike Bednar also hovered nearby.

Bright’s intense effort was interrupted on lap 11 during the precautionary period when he abruptly stopped with a mechanical problem.

With that restart, Pauch remained in control, doing so with a good run at the bottom. Meanwhile, Bednar and Reimert took part in a thrilling toe-to-toe battle for second. After a few close back and forth laps Bednar took the spot with six laps left.

He then started to reel in Pauch and had a few more chances in the last-race precautions that lined the field of double file for over-take. But after a lap back under the green Pauch was able to stay on course and restore his rhythm.

“The magnet started to heat up and it started to sputter in the long race and we had to fix that for Wednesday (Kutztown),” Pauch said.

In the closing laps, Bednar remained within reach of Pauch who went on to flag-to-flag victory and recorded his first chance to win in Bloomsburg.

“We worked tonight. We had a bolt come loose and had to rebuild the entire driveshaft,” Pauch said.

“This car has been awesome here and I want to thank Mike Heffner and and everyone who makes it. It’s pretty cool to win on Father’s Day and it’s cool that I can add Bloomsburg to our winning list,” he continued. .

“I’m excited to be here in Bloomsburg. Brian (Wawroski) and his team are really working hard and the track keeps getting better and better every time we come here. It’s a state of the art facility.”

Reimert remained third with Dillon Steuer and Tom Mayberry leading the top five.

Bednar’s effort was good and well fought although he admitted Pauch had something extra on him.

“Billy was the field class tonight and I’m glad we finished second because I never thought we had a car to really compete,” Bednar explained.

“We saw something at the top of (turns) 1 and 2 but in 3 and 4 we had a hard time tonight. I think the track is pretty similar to heat races and it doesn’t really move anywhere. It’s dry and smooth. “

In the IMCA Modified feature, Keith Jack leads Ray McClure and Morgan. Morgan then took McClure on the second go-around while defensive Bloomsburg winner David Stremme exploded in the third in the third lap. Stremme was still acting and rode the second a lap later.

After a restart in the seventh lap, the race for the lead turned very hot as Jack, Morgan and Stremme went three-wide. As the trio completed the lap Morgan was not ahead with Stremme hot on his heels.

The race slowed again on lap 10 when Jacob McConnell rotated on Turn 4 and when Stremme moved again Stremme worked outside to lead Morgan for the lead.

Stremme was looking to be a repeat winner in Bloomsburg but the notion ended with nine laps to go when he lost power and was pulled out of the event.

Morgan was now back to the front and for the remaining circuits he slowly chased down and took a comfortable four car length margin of victory against Jack.

Eddie Sites, Brad Sites and Jared Spalding rounded out the front five.

SpeedSTR feature finish (20 laps): 1. Billy Pauch Jr., 2. Mike Bednar, 3. Louden Reimert, 4. Dillon Steuer, 5. Tom Mayberry, 6. Tim Buckwalter, 7. Gary Wagner, 8. Doug Snyder, 9. Mark Manieri, 10. Scott Houdeshell, 11. Cale Zangli, 12. Dustin Morris, 13. Alex Bright, 14. Steve Buckwalter, 15. Rich Tobias

IMCA Modified feature finish (25 laps): 1. Rodney Morgan, 2. Keith Jack, 3. Eddie Sites, 4. Brad Sites, 5. Jared Spalding, 6. Tyler Stoddard, 7. Aaron Benjamin, 8. Jacob McConnell, 9 Ray McClure, 10. Jason Sullivan, 11. Robert Maynard, 12. David Stremme, 13. Jake Maynard, 14. Lance Garvey, 15. Shawn Bruce

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