Austin Dillon OK After Tense NASCAR Wreck

After “Life In The Fast Lane” star Austin Dillon was involved in a massive wreck over the weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, he had a few polite but selective words for the racer who caused it, Ross Chastain.

Fortunately, Dillon was A-OK after the crash despite it looking pretty ugly and doing some serious damage to his No. 3 race car.

“I’m good. Thank the good Lord upstairs, “Austin said in a NASCAR interview after the race.” Actually, the hits weren’t that bad on that impact. My belt near the groin made me feel better there but you know… “

The impact occurred on Lap 91 when Chastain’s vehicle hit the back of Martin Truex Jr.’s vehicle. This caused a Truex rotation, which hit Chastain and several other cars, including Joey Logan and Kyle Busch, according to Sporting News. Dillon was hit in the riots, where most of the damage to his vehicle occurred when he hit a wall. The collision expelled Dillon, Chris Buescher, and BJ McLeod from the race as Chatain produced the lowest speed.

“Unfortunately we got our car better there and it looks like we were just a Ross Chastain casualty once again,” said Dillon, who threw some clear shade at Chastain, who was responsible for more yet in its fair share of wrecks lately.

“We have to keep going, work every week to better reach the victory lane,” Dillon continued. “I told myself we were going to play hard all day. It’s not one of those things where I like to ride back and there in the end, but when you have people like him out there who ruin half the field, you can also take a different approach sometimes. ”

Fortunately, in true Austin Dillon fashion, he doesn’t get caught up in negativity. Instead, he just moved on and focused on what he and his team at Richard Childress Racing can do to improve in the future.

“It’s a very fun race, the cars are hard to drive and you have to boost them when it’s hot like this, and I thought we did a great job of making my car bottom and making some step. and then caught up in the destruction, ”he concluded.

You can see more of Dillon’s training and career preparation on “Austin Dillon’s Life In the Fast Lane” every Thursday at 9: 30/8: 30c on USA Network.

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