5 possible replacements for Tyler Reddick in 2024

Tyler Reddick shocked the NASCAR world when he announced that he has signed with 23XI Racing for 2024. Who will replace him at Richard Childress Racing?

Tyler Reddick’s NASCAR Cup Series career took a turn when he announced with 23XI Racing co-owner Denny Hamlin that he has signed to drive for the Toyota team in 2024.

Reddick had just picked up his option with Richard Childress Racing for 2023 when it was announced, and the team will likely choose to keep him in the #8 Chevrolet next year.

Reddick gave the Welcome, North Carolina-based team their first Cup Series victory since 2020 when he won at Road America, ahead of 23XI Racing’s announcement.

Forcing him into the fact that he’s leaving would be counterproductive, and it wouldn’t affect Reddick’s future either. Richard Childress Racing would lose more than they would gain if they let him go.

As such, 2024 is the most likely year that the #8 Chevrolet will have a new driver, and the team will have plenty of names to choose from.

Here are five possible replacements for Reddick in 2024.

Possible replacements for Tyler Reddick: No. 1 – Austin Hill

Austin Hill has been able to make the most of his opportunity with Richard Childress Racing in their Xfinity Series program. Driving the #21 Chevrolet, the 28-year-old has already scored two wins in his first full season in the series.

Keeping Hill in-house would be the best-case scenario for Richard Childress Racing, and an extra year driving the #21 Chevrolet while Reddick prepares for his 23XI Racing adventures would allow the team to share note from the Cup Series sideline to Hill, that he is preparing for a successful Cup Series debut.

Sponsorship may be a factor, as with most NASCAR drivers, but talent and availability, Hill has already proven his worth to Richard Childress Racing. Letting another talented driver go to a competitor is the last thing the team needs after Reddick’s planned departure.

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