Mark Buehrle remains on the Hall of Fame ballot again

In a world of bad news, Chicago White Sox fans got a little bit of good news Tuesday night. Mark Buehrle was not elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but he received enough votes to remain on the ballot for another year, which is excellent news.

Buehrle received 42 votes. He got 44 his freshman year and 23 last year. Now he will be on the ballot for the fourth time next season, which is well deserved. He was one of the best and most consistent pitchers in the league throughout his career.

Of course, the highlight of Buehrle’s career came in 2005, when he was the ace of a World Series-winning White Sox staff that featured some great pitchers. He even proved that he can come out of the bullpen and be effective when needed in the World Series. He is a legend in the city.

He may or may not ever come, but he deserves consideration. People in Chicago know how effective he was in his prime. Most of the batsmen he faced were also at an advantage for various reasons and he still dominated.

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