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PHILADELPHIA — If you’re a sports fan of any kind, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the work of Maureen Madison Raisch.

That National Women’s Soccer League’s The new creative director has been the driving force behind such artwork as the 2006 World Series logo and the special, one-off badges worn by NHL teams participating in the Winter Classic. A year ago, Raisch’s work was part of the center stage of the sports world. The team she led at the NFL designed the artwork for Super Bowl LVI.

So why did Raisch, who wasn’t yet 25 when she designed her first World Series logo, make the jump from the NFL to the still-nascent NWSL?

“This is going to sound cliche, but it will have a significant impact,” Raisch said The Equalizer in an interview at the Notary Hotel ahead of the league’s draft earlier this month. “It is a smaller thing that is being built from scratch. As everyone keeps talking (about) it is ready to go. And I think the prize is sweeter for me. I’ve been able to contribute to really big, cool events that are incredible and have (a) massive presence in sports culture. But this is just personally special to me.”

Maureen Raisch (photo provided)

A longtime fan of the beautiful game, Raisch attended the 2022 NWSL Championship in Washington DC as a prospect. Two months later, she joined the ever-expanding league office.

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