Michael Chandler explains why he has ‘no interest’ in fighting Dustin Poirier: ‘I forgot about him’

Michael Chandler has responded to Dustin Poirier’s recent tweet about him, and also explained why he did not call Poirier out following his UFC 274 win – it was solely a case of out of sight, out of mind.

After Chandler viciously knocked out Tony Ferguson in the featured bout this past Saturday in Phoenix, he cut a great promo calling out names such as Charles Oliveira and Conor McGregor, but did not mention Poirier – which is something the former interim champion noticed in the event’s aftermath.

With Nate Diaz also expressing interest in fighting the former Bellator champ, Chandler was asked if he had a choice between Diaz and Poirier to face next, it would be the former by a long shot.

“It would be Diaz. I have no interest in fighting Dustin, honestly, ”Chandler said on The MMA Hour. “To be quite honest, I think he’s a great dude. I think I like him for the sport, but I also think I was completely disregarded and pushed aside whenever I came into the organization. He completely disregarded me, he acted as though I did not deserve to be where I was.

“Maybe it’s a bit more of a personal issue, but I also do not think … is Dustin a draw? I guess he’s the No. 2 guy [in the UFC rankings] now, but he’s just kind of stayed at No. 2 and I do not know how active he’s going to be. I did see him tweet that I was saying everyone else’s name but his as if I did not want to fight him because of technical reasons or what not, but it’s more like I forgot about him. ”

The No. 6 ranked lightweight in MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings is now 2-2 in his four octagon appearances, with all four contests being incredibly entertaining bouts. Poirier has been known to find himself in a wild battle or two in his own right.

Although it would be an incredibly exciting 155-pound matchup on paper, Chandler is sticking with a “thanks, but no thanks” approach to fantasy matchmaking.

“Hat’s off for what he’s done in his career and I respect the heck out of him, he makes some great hot sauce,” Chandler explained. “But as of right now, I do not really have any desire to fight him.”

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