Internet reacts after Dana White gives YouTuber $ 250,000 in cash as a birthday gift

Dana White is a wealthy man, and he just gave his rich YouTuber friend some cold hard cash as a birthday gift.

In a video posted by Kyle Forgeard, who is one of the founders of Nelk, the UFC boss was seen excitedly watching as the YouTuber opened his birthday gift of $ 250,000 in cash.

“What the f — k ??” Forgeard reacted to the big bag of cash inside. No. Holy f — k! That’s f — ked bro. ”

Whether it’s his mega-mansion built after demolishing four other Las Vegas mansions or being a self-described “degenerate” gambler with million dollar bets, White is obviously free to spend his own money however he pleases.

With low fighter pay being a controversial issue with the UFC though, flexing that wealth on social media naturally won’t get the best reaction from most people. Here are just a few of the responses to the tweet, which included a former UFC contender:

The UFC has been breaking their financial records year after year, with the MMA world leader now making over a billion dollars a year with more growth expected.

The owners get to keep majority of that money though, with Endeavor revealing figures that suggest UFC with its goals of keeping athletes’ revenue share at around 17.5%. This pales into comparison to other sports leagues that pay athletes close to 50%, or to a more similar sport in boxing where fighters can take home 70% or more of the revenue.

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