This fun putting game for the whole family is on sale for 35% off

TL;DR: Through Nov. 23, you can get the PutterBall Backyard Golf Game(opens in a new tab) for just $149.99 instead of $229.99 — that’s a 35% discount.

Get the family together for a game(opens in a new tab) while you wait for your holiday feast to finish cooking. Whether you’re a gaggle of golf lovers or just like to enjoy the outdoors — or anywhere you have plenty of space — while you play, PutterBall could be a fun way to have fun and laugh with the people you’re most thankful for. And you may also be thankful that PutterBall is on sale for just $149.99, no coupon needed.

A game for kids and adults

PutterBall is a simple game that could be a ton of fun, even if you’ve never picked up a golf club in your life. If you’re playing with only adults, PutterBall plays like a hybrid of golf and beer pong(opens in a new tab). Every time someone sinks a ball, their opponent takes a drink. Each hole comes with a turf cover, so there’s nothing getting in the way of precision putting.

It may look easy, but this golf mat is a full 12 feet long when it’s unfolded. That’s a pretty dramatic shift from the 2.9 feet by 2 feet cube you get when the whole thing is folded up. Take the PutterBall almost anywhere. All it needs is a flat surface to play on. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or enjoying a family cookout, some friendly competition is a great way to keep things lively.

For the kids, PutterBall is like a competitive game of home mini-golf. Golf enthusiasts, you could even use this as a way to get your little ones excited about the game you love. Even the clubs are a more approachable 30 inches long compared to a lengthy 45-inch professional club.

Sink that putt and have some fun

When the people you love most come to visit, give them something fun to do while you all wait for dinner. Whether you’re playing with the other adults or enjoying family time with the little ones, this game could put a smile on every face. For a limited time, get the PutterBall Backyard Golf Game(opens in a new tab) on sale for just $149.99 now until November 23 at 11:59 pm Pacific.

Prices subject to change.

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