Rapsodo MLM2PRO Personal Launch Monitor

In the past five years, no product has fundamentally changed the way golfers practice more than the Personal Launch Monitor. While you’re scanning your brain to prove me wrong, consider this: For the first time, golfers have relatively easy access to accurate, comprehensive launch data almost anywhere they might swing a golf club. There’s a reason it seems like every pro has a $20,000 launch monitor next to them. Knowledge is power. Fortunately, amateurs can invest far less money while still benefiting from the many benefits that this technology offers.

Rapsodo’s first offering in the affordable personal launch monitor space, MLM, currently priced at $349 (plus subscription fee), was well received, but not without its limitations. The small radar-based device is designed to work outdoors in conjunction with iOS devices to provide measurements such as clubhead speed, ball speed and launch angle, while also using the mobile device’s camera to display the golfer’s swing and a shot counter. Unfortunately, the open nature of Android devices made integration with MLM’s user interface challenging, so the device was only compatible with the iOS operating system. In addition, it did not provide spin numbers, making it less desirable for the player who wanted a complete picture of their launch conditions.

Seeing an opportunity to meet the needs of a wider range of customers, Rapsodo set out to create what they believe is the most complete personal launch monitor in the sub-$1000 segment, the MLM2PRO. MLM2PRO is designed to improve the overall user experience through several added features and Android compatibility. In addition, the new feature set makes the device indoor-friendly, allowing users to enjoy a complete simulator experience. This relatively compact device has a unique stand slot that can accommodate both tablets and phones, giving consumers a wide range of devices to use with it. The space requirements for using the MLM2PRO are consistent with other radar-based devices, with the company recommending eight feet of space in front of the ball and six feet behind it.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO technical specifications

MLM2PRO is a radar launch monitoring system supported by two onboard cameras. The two cameras are both designed to do very different things, and each gives the device new, exciting capabilities.

The wide-angle Shot Vision camera is the piece that allows integration with both iOS and Android devices. Instead of relying on an iOS device’s camera, Shot Vision records every swing and displays it along with shot tracking and swing metrics on a mobile device using either operating system. Not only does this feature increase accessibility, but it also provides a high-quality camera that doesn’t rely on the latest and greatest device for advanced optics. The image below shows a dual-angle display called Rapsodo Swing Vision, which is another enhancement offered by MLM2PRO. Users can connect an additional device to the app to provide both face-up and face-down views of their swing.

Ipad with Rapsodo MLM2PRO

The second, and possibly most exciting, camera is called Impact Vision. This camera uses a 240-fps, high-speed shutter to capture impact and initial ball flight to measure spin rate, spin axis and descent angle. Rapsodo has paired with Callaway Golf to unlock this feature with a specially designed ball called Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X®. The unique chevron-shaped dot pattern allows the Impact Vision cameras to accurately track and measure the ball as it leaves the clubface, improving the device’s ability to track carry distance and trajectory beyond the metrics listed above. Each MLM2PRO comes with a sleeve of RPT™ Chrome Soft X® balls and will also be available for purchase online after the unit is available at retail on March 31stSt2023.

What the device measures versus what it calculates

In addition to its hardware improvements, MLM2PRO has several software advancements that will be particularly attractive to indoor golfers. Like the original MLM, users will have access to a subscription service called MLM2PRO™ Premium Membership that unlocks the device’s full feature set. Unlike MLM’s relatively limited number of add-ons, MLM2PRO™ Premium membership unlocks the dual-camera and spin features, while giving users access to the Rapsodo Range and Rapsodo Courses.

Subscription with Rapsodo MLM2PRO

Rapsodo Range is exactly what it sounds like – a simulation range that displays shot measurements, shot tracks and trajectories for indoor users. Rapsodo Courses enables users to play simulation rounds on over 30,000 courses globally with an advanced graphics package and user-friendly interface. Indoor golfers will enjoy the ability to play virtually any course around the world and may even find it useful in preparing for upcoming rounds.

Mobile phone app showing simulation

In addition to its built-in simulation features, MLM2PRO fully integrates with popular simulation providers such as Awesome Golf and e6 Connect. More integrations are planned so users of other simulation software can expect to be able to use the device on their preferred platform.

The details

Carrying case with Rapsodo MLM2PRO, stand and Callaway golf balls

MLM2PRO will be available for pre-order on February 1stSt2023 and widely available at retailers on March 31stSt. The unit comes with a sleeve of Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® golf balls and a one-year subscription to MLM2PRO™ Premium membership for $699. The expected price for future years’ subscriptions is around $199.

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