Paige Spiranac has no regrets about having a good career in professional golf

Iin the last few years, Paige Spiranac has become quite the celebrity in the world of golf and social media, thanks to her beauty and sexiness, as well as the advice she gives to those looking to improve their golf game. She was a professional golfer herself, but nothing really stood out or happened to her.

This is a thorn in the side of Paige, who admitted that not making it in professional golf “sucked” for her, as well as coming clean and admitting she “wasn’t good enough” to stand out on the professional circuit.

She tried in 2015, but failed to get on the field

Paige turned professional in late 2015 after participating in the developmental tournament known as the Cactus Tour. But her level was not to earn a place on the pro circuit, so she decided to bet on her presence and something that currently has made her perhaps more famous than if she fought on the greens of the pro circuit: being an influencer .

And boy, has it paid off. Last year she was declared the sexiest woman in the world by Maxima magazine, plus she has almost four million followers on Instagram.

During a Q&A session, Paige opened up about not being able to make it on the pro circuit: “Yeah, it’s a real bummer. I settled down. I was a highly ranked junior golfer, I had a decent college career , and honestly, even the year I played professionally, I had some good tournaments and some bad tournaments, but it wasn’t all bad.”

She is disappointed that she didn’t get to where she wanted to be

“I was a very good player, but not good enough. Realizing you’re not good enough or that you’re missing something annoys you, but I’m not going to sit and cry and feel disappointed that I not achieve a dream, but that I worked my ass off to succeed otherwise,” she added.

“I always find it interesting that people give me a hard time about it. Just because I didn’t achieve one dream doesn’t mean I can’t start over and achieve another. I think that’s healthy to be able to get back up, strive and work hard to keep succeeding at something,” he concluded.

Spiranac, 29, has received criticism from those who claim she has only become famous for her physique, and recently launched her OnlyFans-style website, titled Only Paigewhich will contain special content, more racy images, but no nudity.

“This subscription is an exciting and fun way to connect with me like never before, with everything from golf instruction and peeks into my daily life to behind the scenes of special events and photo shoots,” she assures.

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