Jason Day finds success with the custom Scotty Cameron putter

“Typically, a square look on a putter makes it look more left,” Day told GolfWRX. “Then a rounded putter like (Scotty Cameron’s) hammer looks more real. I don’t know if that’s anything, but to me that’s how it looks.”

Day also found that his new Scotty Cameron had additional toe sag, which helped him establish a more free-flowing stroke and release through impact.

“It promotes a more open feel on the way back and closed on the way through,” Day explained. “Right now the weight feels pretty good. The face… I’d say the TaylorMade putter is softer. The Daytona is right between the TaylorMade and the Scotty, and I’d say the Scotty is just a little firmer, but it’s still a solid putter. I’d say I had 1.5-1.75 degrees (ceiling) on ​​both TaylorMade and Daytona and my hands had come back a little bit too far. I think (Scotty Cameron) has, I’d say just over 2 degrees so I can actually put the club forward a little more, or neutral I would say it’s a little more forward which is nice Overall the club swings well, it feels good, it seems like the first throw or bounce off the putter , it rolls pretty fast.

“If you’re looking at a slow-mo camera, you’re going to have a little bit of slippage and then roll quite quickly straight out of the face, but it just depends on what your taste is. For me personally, the Spider and the Daytona just looked too far to my left. I don’t know if it just wasn’t enough degrees of loft, but at least it looked left. I hate hitting it left and missing it left. I’d much rather miss all my putts right , because it’s just easier for me to fix. This one comes right out.”

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