Brittany Lincicome Happy to be Back in Cognizant Founders Cup Field | LPGA

There are 21 LPGA * USGA Girls Golf alumnae in the field at this week’s Cognizant Founders Cup, one of which is eight-time LPGA Tour winner Brittany Lincicome. Though it’s been a while since she was in the program, the 36-year-old and soon-to-be mother of two’s passion for the organization still burns bright, even more so considering her Girls Golf ambassadorship.

“It’s hard to remember that far back, but my greatest moment was not having to play golf with the boys, being able to play with some girls,” recalled Lincicome, who grew up in Central Florida. “I do not know the numbers, but I know we have grown incredibly over the last couple of years. It’s great to see more girls getting involved with the game of golf. I think you’re only going to see that going up. Every time I talk to the ladies that run it, they’re saying they’re doing great. More girls are getting involved. I think that number is going to keep on getting bigger and bigger which is really cool to see. ”

This will be Lincicome’s 10th appearance in the Cognizant Founders Cup and her first time playing in the tournament since 2019. Her best finish was a tie for second in the inaugural edition of the event in 2011 when it was held at Wildfire Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, the Cognizant Founders Cup has always held a special place in Lincicome’s heart, especially because of the opportunity it gives the LPGA Tour to celebrate the past, present and future of the organization and honor the 13 women who created the Tour in 1950.

“It’s great to be back. I did not get to play last year, unfortunately, so it’s nice to be back this year. It’s just an awesome event. I would not be here, we would not be here without them, ”said Lincicome. “Just to go over and shake their hands and say, ‘Thank you for having this vision years ago,’ it takes two seconds out of your time, but from the bottom of our hearts we can not thank them enough for having this vision and turning it into what it is now. ”

But like everyone else in the field at Upper Montclair Country Club, Lincicome’s heart will be heavy this week as the LPGA remembers Founder Shirley Spork who passed away just a month ago at age 94. “That woman got around to so many events. I feel like we saw her all the time. Any time I would see her in person, she was always giving me a golf lesson or tip here or there, which was super helpful, ”she said. “It was really great to get to know her over the years. Obviously, going to miss her very much because she was such a great part of the game and meant a lot to the game. ”

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