2023 PGA Show: Tom Watson praises advances in golf technology to make the game easier to play

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Golf equipment has evolved and become much more advanced in recent years. Modern technology in particular has allowed clubs to get smaller and golfers to drive the ball farther than ever before. On Wednesday, former PGA Tour golfer Tom Watson joined CBS Sports at the 2023 PGA Show to discuss how far technology has come in relation to the sport – and why that is positive.

“It’s been great for the game because it’s made it easier to play,” Watson said. “The perimeter-weighted clubs, the metal heads and the lightweight shafts versus the old dynamic shafts. Our driver that we used back then was almost 14 ounces. Now the drivers today are in the upper 11-ounce range. You can swing it faster and hit it farther .

“Everybody wants to hit the ball farther, right? Longer and faster. Every manufacturer wants you to hit it farther and faster, and there’s an element of truth to that. Technology has really helped make it easier for the golfer to play.”

Watson announced his retirement from the sport back in 2019 after winning eight major championships during his legendary career. Although he no longer plays golf professionally, Watson told CBS Sports HQ that he still enjoys hitting the links.

“I still love to play the game. I’m a golfer. I still wake up and I’m a golfer,” he said. “I gave everything to the game of golf earlier in my career and tried to be the best I could be. It still doesn’t leave me. Whenever I play a game of golf, I still enjoy a perfect shot. It doesn’t happen more than once of the month. Going out to practice and hitting good shot after good shot, I enjoy that.”

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