Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Diamondbacks 2

It was a bare-minimum “comeback” win, but it counts!

The Cubs were down 1-0 early until Yan Gomes tied it with a solo homer in the 4th, and then a station to station 9th inning rally gave the Cubs a 4-1 lead. It was Gomes, again, who knocked in the lead run:

The Diamondbacks tried to return the favor in the bottom of the 9th (a walk and a couple singles to plate a run), but pretty-clearly-the-substitute-closer Rowan Wick struck out three before it could go any further.

Kyle Hendricks did not have his best command tonight – or even particularly good control – which was clear from the jump. Maybe it was the after-effects from going 116 pitches in his last outing, or maybe it was just the wildness we sometimes now see from him. Fortunately, he missed big outside the zone, rather than missing repeatedly in the heart of the zone, so he wasn’t getting obliterated for his mistakes (though there was a pretty atypical volume of contact in the air that turned into outs). He also made some good pitches when he needed them most.

Zac Gallen has been absurdly good this year, and tonight against the Cubs was no different. Outside of the Gomes homer, they could do nothing. Tip your cap, and appreciate the 9th inning rally mostly off of Mark Melancon.

As for the Cubs bullpen, it was fantastic, including Daniel Norris going 1-2-3-4…

Full box score.

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