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So before we get to our look at yesterday’s scorecard of television / streaming coverage from across the pop culture landscape that we humbly refer to as The BCTV Daily Dispatch (BCTV DD), we stumbled upon something on Saturday that left us scratching our heads. If you’re a fan of Amazon & Showrunner Eric Kripke‘s The Boys (CHEAP PLUG ALERT! You can check out my review of S03E05 “The Last Time to Look at This World of Lies” here– hey, I need the clicks (do not judge me), and you’re up-to-speed on the current season, then can I ask you a question? You know Homelander’s (Antony Starr) a righteously vile s *** bag, right? As in, no one to be admired or looked up to? Of course, you do! I mean, you only have to go back to the first season and the video of how we handled those airline passengers for proof, and that’s one of over two dozen examples we could name. And even if you can wipe away the first two seasons… this season? The leader of The Seven has elevated his evil to near-dictator levels now that he’s running Vought along with slowly losing his mind.

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And yet on Reddit this weekend, there were quite a few folks (not all but more than there should be) acting as if this season is some kind of “personality swerve” for the character. A concept that still makes my eyes bleed ever so slightly every time I think about it. Now if I’m going with the angel on my shoulder, then I’m writing it off as viewers who see Homelander as not just a supe but a “flawed hero” who just needs a “great redemption” arc to make everything better ( yeah, try telling that to Supersonic’s family). Is it a mindset completely detached from the realities of what the show’s given us? Sure! But at least it has a smidge of hopeful naivete. Because the devil on my shoulder is telling me that a few too many folks like Homelander because he’s the “angry white guy” who’s feeling “disrespected, underappreciated & scapegoated” and he’s “not going to take it anymore.” The reality? It’s a mix of the angel and the devil (but way too much devil than it should be). That leads me to the second Reddit “revelation”…

While this season is about as in-your-face as it can be in this area, The Boys has always been a mix of social & political satire, wrapped up in the trapping of being a “superhero show.” But this season, the trappings of “subtle metaphor” were stripped away as we heard Homelander and The Deep (Chace Crawford) dropping lines like they were taken from a Trump press conference. And yet, it still took Kripke saying in an interview this week that Homelander is supposed to be Trump for some folks to suddenly start demanding that politics be kept out of The Boys. And if you think about it… if you think… HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!! I’m sorry, but if after 2-1 / 2 seasons you’re suddenly realizing this now and it’s only because Trump is being used as an insult to Trump then I need to ask what Homelander highlight reel you’ve been watching these past couple of years?

The Boys Is Satire & Homelander Is Jerk: Reddit Revelations?  BCTVDD
Image: Screencap

One other issue that came up? Some were claiming that the moderators, now running a new policy of manually approving posts made within 24 hours of a new episode, were killing posts for being political when the politics being addressed related directly to the show or episode. For their part, the moderators explained that their decisions were made (like locking the “The Boys perfectly display what the dictator trap is” thread) based on two of the nine rules:

3. Be Civil: Please be civil. Constructive debate is allowed. Try to engage with discussions in good faith.

Politics: While the show covers many political themes, this is not a political subreddit. Healthy debate is welcomed but all posts must remain civil and relevant to the show. Failure to do so may result in comments being locked or the post being removed altogether.

While this is a tougher judgment call, I’m giving the nod to the moderators. Look, it’s tough enough creating a space that’s safe & embracing of everyone, to begin with. Now add into that mix a show like The Boys that begs its viewers to ask (and answer) some uncomfortable questions, and you can understand why “erring on the side of caution” could come into play.

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