Brett Starts a Romance and Gallo and Carver Clash

Chicago Fire is back for Season 11 Episode 8 (titled “A Beautiful Life”). Gallo and Carver get into a disagreement and exchange some harsh words. Also, Sylvie Brett might have found a new love. Here’s what happened last time on Chicago Fire.

The team is called to a bus fire

Kara Killmer | George Burns Jr/NBC via Getty Images

When the team arrives, they find a city bus on fire. They quickly get the passengers and drive off the bus and start putting the fire out. However, one passenger is still on the bus. A man is unconscious and sitting in the back. Carver (played by Jake Lockett) and Gallo go in to get him. Carver suggests going back the way they came, but Gallo says it would take too long. He breaks the window, and they pull the passenger through to safety.

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