Ryan Reynolds wrote a whole Deadpool Christmas movie he’s never gotten around to making


Oh hey: We’re starting to suspect that Ryan Reynolds might be kind of into playing this Deadpool guy! Like, “writes stories about Deadpool even when he’s not playing Deadpool” into him—with Reynolds revealing this week that he’s got a whole other Deadpool movie script just sort of tucked away somewhere that he’s never gotten around to getting made.

Specifically, Reynolds—who was talking up his new Will Ferrell Christmas musical Spirited with The Big Issue—casually slipped in the fact that he also wrote a full-length Deadpool Christmas movie a few years back with series writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Apparently penned back in 2018, the film “got lost in the shuffle of Disney acquiring Fox and it never got made,” but Reynolds is still holding out hope that it might make it into production someday (presumably after Deadpool 3 arrives in theaters in 2024).

Now, you might be thinking: Didn’t they already do a Deadpool Christmas thing? And you’d be right: That would be the very weird Once Upon A Deadpoolthe PG-13 re-edit of Deadpool 2 that was released during the 2018 holiday season in an effort to goose a little more box office love from the movie (and make a series of extended Princess Bride gags with Fred Savage). But Reynolds is apparently talking now about a full-on Deadpool Christmas film that’s just…out there, waiting to get made. “One day,” a wistful Reynolds remarked.

Spiritedmeanwhile, is currently streaming on AppleTV+; Deadpool 3which is set to serve as the character’s formal introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and which will notably bring Hugh Jackman back for another turn as Wolverine) is currently on the books for a November 8, 2024 release.


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