What songs did Undertale creator Toby Fox write for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

No matter the game or franchise, music is an important part of defining characters, locations, and moments throughout a player’s journey—something Pokémon almost always does well. Pokémon Scarlett spirit Violet make a big show of its music with dynamic pieces across the open world, but how many of the game’s songs were composed by Toby Fox?

That’s right, expanding on his role in Pokémon Sword spirit Shieldthe Understatement creator and developer is behind multiple tracks in Gen IX.

In the previous generation, Fox composed the main Battle Tower battle theme and worked with Game Freak on one of its other titles—2019’s Little Town Hero. However, his role for Scarlett spirit Violet won’t be locked to a single area or the post-game.

How many songs did Toby Fox compose in Pokémon Scarlett spirit Violet

Right from the start of their larger Pokémon Scarlett spirit Violet journey, players will be met with a Toby Fox original: he composed the main overworld field music that plays across the entire Paldea region throughout your adventures.

Game Freak took his piece and arranged it into multiple forms that will play throughout the game, so expect to hear a lot of it.

That isn’t all though. Fox returned to his battling roots to arrange the theme you will experience during Tera Raid battles too. It will have its variations depending on moments in the battle, but this is another banger from this expanded partnership.

Fox also noted that there are other tracks in the game that he composed too, although he hasn’t specified yet.

Fans accustomed to his music will likely comb through the audio and narrow down his contribution, but a lot of the music in Scarlett spirit Violet is high-quality work.

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