The Truth About Justin Bieber’s Rare Illness, Why It Canceled His Tour Dates And How It Could End His Career

After more than a decade in the music industry, Justin Bieber has proven that he deserves to be one of the top artists of the past decades. From his breakthrough single, Baby, to his TikTok trending song Ghost, Justin seemed to have nothing stop him from releasing new music and touring worldwide. However, as the music world is starting to return to its old pre-pandemic state, Justin Bieber is facing what seems to be the biggest challenge he had in his career.

Will Justin Bieber have to retire from music-making because of his rare illness? How grave is his illness, and will his fans still see him on tour again? What is he telling fans about his surprising health situation so far? Keep reading to find out …

6 Why Did Justin Bieber’s Face Get Paralyzed?

Everyone was left surprised when Justin Bieber announced on June 10, 2022, through his Instagram story that he will have to take a break from performing. In the video, he showed his difficulty to move half of his face, the right side, and this is because Justin Bieber’s face got paralyzed because of an infection. Varicella-zoster, the viral virus he acquired is highly contagious, and it may pass from one person to another through direct and indirect contact.

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It is still unknown how Justin Bieber got the virus or who it came from, but it is clear that his condition was serious enough that it had already paralyzed half of his face. In his Instagram story showing his current status, the 28-year-old says, “As you can see, this eye [right side] is not blinking. I can not smile on this side of my face. This nostril [right side] will not move. “

Some fans speculate that because the varicella-zoster virus is also responsible for chicken pox, which already has a vaccine, Justin may have gotten his face paralysis because he has not gotten his chickenpox vaccines.


5 Justin Bieber Has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Justin Bieber says his viral infection is ‘pretty serious,’ which most fans agree with based on his face’s situation. Aside from chicken pox, another comorbidity that can come out from getting infected by the varicella-zoster virus is the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which Justin Bieber has unfortunately acquired.

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Since most of the time, the virus has undetected symptoms, and it only surfaces where there is already the following condition to the person. In Justin’s case, it was not easy to detect the early symptoms of his varicella-zoster virus, and it was just when he had facial paralysis, that his doctors confirmed it was due to Ramsay Hunt.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome attacks facial nerves, making them paralyzed. The affected person may also have difficulty speaking clearly, which Justin is already experiencing. It is common to see people with this disorder having difficulty hearing and noticeable rashes all over the body.

4 Why Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Justice World Tour 2022?

Justin Bieber’s highest-grossing world tour was his Purpose tour from 2016 to 2017, with revenue reaching $ 257 million. That’s why when Justin Bieber announced that he was back with another world tour from 2022 to 2013 entitled ‘Justice’ ‘, fans were ecstatic to see the Canadian singer perform again.

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However, as saddening as the news that Justin Bieber has partial facial paralysis, he and his management decided that canceling his Justin world tour would be the best choice for his health condition. With how difficult it is for Justin to speak clearly in his Instagram video, it is evident that performing in more than ten locations if he decides to push through will only prolong his recovery time.

3 Why Fans Are Canceling Tickets To Justin Bieber’s Concert?

As with Justin Bieber’s announcement of canceling his Justine world tour shows, he has yet to confirm if all his shows, including those in July, will not be pushed through. Although many of his fans understand the problematic situation, fans who have already booked tickets to later dates have already canceled because they expect Justin to cancel succeeding shows because of his illness.

It also did not help that Justin Bieber said, “We do not know how much time it [his recovery] is going to be, but it’s going to be okay, I have hope, and I trust God. I trust it is all for a reason. I’m not sure what that is right now, but in the meantime, I’m going to rest, “about his plans for the tour.

2 What Does Hailey Bieber Say About Justin Bieber’s Rare Illness?

Justin Bieber, and her model wife, Hailey Bieber, have publicly shared their struggles with their health in the past year. The couple has had a difficult year staying healthy with Hailey’s open struggle with her physical and mental health.

However, Hailey has been with Justin Bieber throughout his rest and recovery stage. In an interview with Good Morning America, she says, “He [Justin Bieber] is doing well. He’s getting better every single day. He’s feeling a lot better, and, obviously, it was just a very scary and random situation to happen, but he’s going to be totally okay. And I’m just grateful that he’s fine. “

1 Is Justin Bieber’s Face Paralysis Permanent?

On the bright side of Justin Bieber’s rare illness, if he follows his doctor’s orders and takes all the necessary health measures to recover, his facial paralysis will go after a few weeks or months. His Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is also not permanent. That is why he is emphasizing focusing on his rest and recovery to hopefully still be able to perform on his Justin tour shows on later dates.

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