Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion patch notes – Rhapsody, new maps, and more

Apex Legends Mobile launched just a few months ago, and now its second season has arrived. Distortion might be the name of the big new update, but we’re pretty clear on what it’s brought to the table. A new Legend, pair of maps, pair of game modes, and more have all been added to the mobile game. Read on for the details.

New Legend: Rhapsody

Like with any new Apex season, the highlight here is a new Legend. Rhapsody (pictured at the top of this article) is all about music, and her abilities revolve around sound. Her passive picks up sound cues from farther away, her tactical plays music that speeds up the squad’s movement and charges their shields, and her ultimate sets up bright lights that block line of sight and scans.

Thanks to Apex Mobile’s Legend Perks system, you can tweak those abilities too. Some of the boosts include giving your teammates your extended hearing range and speeding up revives and healing items with your tactical.

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New Maps: King’s Canyon & Pythas Block 0

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new season also means new maps to battle across. The first is King’s Canyon, which should be very familiar to anyone who played the original game. King’s Canyon was the very first map in Apex Legends.

Pythas Block 0 is totally new; it’s a team deathmatch map set in Rhapsody’s old neighborhood. You’ll find corporate offices, some local nightlife spots, and an arcade as points of interest here.

New Events: Town Takeover & Rhapsody Live

Hand in hand with new maps comes a new town takeover. In this case, it’s in King’s Canyon, where a new neon carrier will drift across the sky as it blasts Rhapsody’s music. There are also Rhapsody-themed challenges to complete across the whole game, and doing so unlocks posters featuring the new Legend.

Season 2 Modes & Shop Items

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Two totally new game modes are coming with Distortion. First is Gun Game; like the Call of Duty mode of the same name, you’ll have to work your way through Apex Legends’ lineup of weapons as you get eliminations. Most points or anyone with three melee kills wins. The other mode is called Hack, and it’s all about control. One side must hack at different sites to take over a satellite, while the other plays defense.

Of course, the more you play, the more new cosmetics you can score. Distortion features several music- and neon-leaning cosmetics in celebration of Rhapsody. There’s also a set of shiny new mecha skins for the game’s heroes.

Adjustments & Improvements

Finally, there are a large number of behind-the-scenes changes with the new season. These include Legend adjustments like Pathfinder’s chain pulling in enemies and Octane not double jumping while healing. Weapon distribution is changing too: the Charge Rifle, Havok, Mastiff Prowler, and Spitfire are the new fully kitted drops. There’s a long list of bug fixes and quality-of-life adjustments available on EA’s website.

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