‘Harley Quinn’ Season 3 Trailer Shares Poison Ivy’s Big Plan

Harley Quinn just might be the best show you’re not watching (non The Bear category, of course), and there’s no better time to hop on board with a third season of the HBO Max cartoon on the way later this month. Monday brought a second trailer for the highly-anticipated streaming series that offers more details on the (spoilers ahead) relationship sure to anchor the upcoming episodes.

Much like the first trailer for Season 3, the new look is all about Harley and Ivy’s newfound romance and what they plan to do now that they’ve officially teamed up. And while the first trailer was about a much more vague “Eat. Bang! Kill ”tour, Monday’s reveal is more to the point: Ivy’s finally going to terraform Gotham to make it an Eden-like paradise.

There are other hints about what’s to come as well, including a few familiar faces reappearing. Juxtaposing the typical DC darkness is a running theme of Harley Quinn, and Season 3 is no exception.

“Anyone wanna switch seats?” Quinn asks aloud on a bus, for example, while Nightwing monologues about how much Gotham needs him.

Other characters have their own plans for Gotham, though. Like a family-man Joker running for mayor, for example. And as the trailer makes clear, this is a different Harley Quinn we’re seeing in Season 3. And that might mean she’s not exactly OK with Ivy’s big plans after all. And might be teaming up with some other folks to fight back.


“I believe she’s going through what’s known as ‘some sh * t,'” Clayface says about, well, someone. We’ll have to wait to find out who when Season 3 hits HBO Max on July 28.


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