Critical Role’s Mighty Nein animated series is coming to Amazon Video

The Mighty Nein is coming to Amazon Prime Video in a new animated series. The announcement, made Wednesday, heralds another TV show based on the escapades of the Critical Role squad. It’s the same team behind it The Legend of Vox Machinanow in its second season, and the Mighty Nein series will also feature works from the same animation studio that handles The Legend of Vox Machina, Tit. And that’s not all: Amazon has also inked a multi-year exclusive TV and first-look movie deal.

The Mighty Nein is the name of the adventure party in Critical Role’s second live-action Dungeons & Dragons series, which ran for 141 episodes on Twitch and YouTube from January 2018 to June 2021, totaling around 560 hours of streaming content. It tells the story of a group of less-than-upright would-be heroes – Caleb Widogast, Veth “Nott the Brave” Brenatto, Jester Lavorre, Fjord, Beauregard Lionett, Mollymauk Tealeaf and Yasha Nydoorin, among others.

mighty no follows a group of criminals and misfits,” Amazon said in a press release, “who are the only ones who can stop the kingdom from plunging into chaos when a mysterious artifact capable of reshaping reality falls into the wrong hands hands.”

An interesting twist here is that Critical Role will handle its own production through a company called Metapigeon, which is an in-joke about out-of-character table talk that fans of the series will surely recognize. Fans should expect to hear the voice talents of all their favorite cast members, including Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel and Travis Willingham.

This is not the first time that The Mighty Nein has had a different expression than the original actual-play series. Wizards of the Coast published a book about its setting in 2020 titled Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. There are also several comics from Dark Horse and several novels. If a movie deal comes through, it won’t be the first time in the cinema either. Critical Role has offered a series of live sessions with actual play that have been simulcast in theaters for years now.

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