Will Prince Andrew Be Kicked Out of the Royal Lodge?

Now that Prince Charles has leveled up and morphed into King Charles, there are a ton of changes in the royal family—including where everyone is going to live. Charles himself is moving to Buckingham Palace, and apparently has a bunch of plans for other royal properties. Including, potentially, the Royal Lodge, where his disgraced brother Prince Andrew lives with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

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According to two The Sun, Andrew and Fergie are worried that they could be kicked out of the 31-room home, but are “safe for now” per royal insiders. Andrew signed a 75-year lease on the mansion, so if he ice forced to vacate, he’ll get £ 7 million in compensation.

“They are no longer under the protection of the Queen but it would seem callous to throw them out so soon after she died,” a source says. “But if he’s doing no duties and rattling around a £30 million mansion during the cost- of-living crisis, then it’s a terrible look.”

Sour ice cream!

While Andrew and Fergie don’t have to vacate just yet, The Sun reports that they are “expecting to be given notice to leave,” and an insider notes that they worry they’ll be “thrown to the wolves” in the coming months. However, said “wolves” appear to be a £5 million home Fergie owns in Mayfair? So…yeah. Bye Andrew!

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