The Internet had a field day with Mariah Carey’s show at the Thanksgiving parade

INin 1994, Mariah Carey was one of the biggest superstars in the music world, and released here first Christmas album‘Merry Christmas’, which included the song ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, which has since become a classic and the most listened to song year after year during the holiday season.

This Thanksgiving, Mariah participated in the famous parade held in Manhattanand of course performed the famous song, dressed in a huge pink dress and an umbrella. And of course, the Internet took flight criticizing her.

Once again, Mariah practically didn’t move

As has become her habit, Mariah barely moved during her performance, nor did she dance. That earned her a lot of comments about here lack of energy and even questioned her commitment.

Ian Hest, a sports journalist, posted: “Mariah Carey is getting millions right now for standing there with her umbrella and honestly, it doesn’t make me mad. Food respect.”

Some were sarcastic in their comments,I love the lack of energy Mariah Carey gives in her performances. It’s the one thing we can all count on,” said another Twitter user.

“Mariah Carey is getting paid to be there and not even pretend she’s singing with the backing track lmfao queen behavior,” tweeted another.

Loyal fans are defending here

Other users joked that Mariah had come out of hibernation just in time for the parade, while others mocked her lip-synch, though here fans came out to defend her.

“It’s impossible for even any artist to perform live at this fashion show, yet people are mad at Mariah for it. is everyone ok?” said another Twitter user. But at least the self-styled Queen of Christmas was back in the spotlight as she usually is, at least during every holiday season.


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