Superstar Singer Recalls Waking To See ‘An Apparition Of A Woman’ At Foot Of Bed, Being Woke ‘In A Very Sensual Way’

Ke $ ha recalled waking to see “an apparition of a woman” at the foot of her bed and being awakened in a “very sensual way,” a clarification of what she said before about going “to the bone zone with a ghost.”

The 35-year-old singer – born Kesha Rose Sebert – made a recent appearance on E! News’ Daily Pop, and the superstar clarified that her ghost story was more about being given a “gentle wakeup” by some kind of female spirit rather than what she said prior about having “sexy time” with a male ghost.

“I was in Texas, Fort Worth, Texas,” the “Backstabber” hitmaker told the outlet. “And I had something wake me up while I was in bed with my boyfriend at the time, and it was a touch down the body.”

“I woke up and looked at the end of the bed and there was an apparition of a woman,” she added. “So, full disclosure, I never actually slept with a ghost. But she did wake me up in a very sensual way. ”

Sebert’s appearance on the show comes ahead of the debut of her new paranormal hunting show on Discovery + “Conjuring Kesha,” in which she takes pals along for the ride to “paranormally charged locations.”

“I took a friend – each episode is a different friend – to different paranormally charged locations,” Ke $ ha shared. “And then we just went on a wild-a ** adventure in each episode. And each one both scared the s *** out of me, it scared the s *** out of them. ”

“It has made me think, ‘If there are spirits, if there are ghosts, if there are demons, if there’s Bigfoot, if there are aliens, if there are Talosians living in a volcano at Mount Shasta underground,'” she added. “‘What does this mean?’ The possibilities are endless. ”

In 2012, the “Your Love Is My Drug” hitmaker previously shared that she had gone to the “bone zone with a ghost.” The comments were made on the “Conan” show on TBS.


“I did go to the bone zone with a ghost,” Sebert told the host at the time. “I mean I do not know his name. But he was in my house. And so he just started like caressing me like this [as she takes her hand and drags it down Conan O’Brien’s arm]. ”

“It was a sexy time,” she added. “It was not like sex.”

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