Paige Spiranac returns to therapy after a fan’s threat to send sperm to her home

Bbeing a woman is difficult for all the harassment and issues involving abuse.

It doesn’t matter if Max designates you the hottest woman on earththe harassment doesn’t change, even if your name is Paige Spiranac.

The threats received by Paige Spiranac, a golfer and social media celebrity, made her return to therapy sessions.

“I felt that I was starting to take steps back with my own mental health, and I wasn’t prioritizing time for myself,” Spiranac opened up on her podcast Playing A Round.

According to two Spiranachere beauty gets plenty of harassment, death threatsand nasty content.

“I got the username, Paige Reneebecause I was being stalked and harassed in college by these girls, and so I had to delete my Instagram.”

“It was really bad, they were stalking me on campus.”

Threats received by Paige Spiranac

In her last podcast episode of Playing A RoundSpiranac opened up about her mental health.

The golfer and influencer decided to go to re-start therapy sessions thanks to all the content she received online and in her mailbox.

“Someone threatened two send sperm to my house and my sister’s house, and threatened to come and get meand I’ve had death threats and just a lot of harassment,” Paige Spiranac commented on her podcast.

Paige Spiranac has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account.

She’s reaching out to golfers, social media users, and enterprises seeking celebrity talents, like Maxim.

However, not everything is good news for Spiranac and her social media growth. Stalkers are everywhere.

“I’m getting so many opportunities. And I’m growing so much on my platforms, and getting a lot of new people who are following me. But what comes with that is the harassment and the stalkers,” Spiranac said on Playing A Round.

“I let it get to me a little bit, but I’m so grateful for the team I have, and we are doing everything possible.”

Paige Spiranac plans to take legal actions against harassers and trolls

Paige Spiranac is not messing around with her mental health and wellness.

The golfer will take legal actions against anyone who takes a step further than typing messages.

“I just want to let you trolls know that if you are just messing with me to mess with me, it’s not cool, and we will take legal actions,” Spiranac told the trolls.


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