One guest David Letterman banned from The Late Show for life after he caught him stealing

Yes, even the most popular talk shows secretly ban celebrities. That was the case with the late Barbara Walters, who wasn’t the biggest fan of Kathy Griffin – although she didn’t let it be known to the public.

It was far from the only time Conan O’Brien was forced to temporarily ban Dax Shepard after their interview went completely off track, with Dax stumbling over his words and even falling over O’Brien’s desk.

Kyle and Jackie O banned Matt LeBlanc for different reasons, saying the actor didn’t give them anything during their interview.


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Below, we’ll take a look at certain guests Letterman has banned for life. James Franco heard a certain side of the story, but Letterman dismissed it as a lie and explained what really happened and why the guest was not invited back.

David Letterman had more than a few interviews go completely sideways

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We have seen this on several occasions, interviews being completely derailed because of a comment or a moment. On David Letterman Late Showwe’ve seen that awkward moment on a few occasions.

One memorable moment that occurred featured an audience member yelling at Oprah for her devil worshiping story that had taken place on one of her recent shows. Oprah was not happy with the fan, nor was she happy with Letterman’s reaction. This would cause a rift between the two TV personalities for years.

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Angelina Jolie didn’t look overly stimulated during her performance on either Late Show in the 90s. It is said that the actress did not want to be there, given the way Letterman treated some of his female guests.

The honor for the most awkward interview of all time goes to Crispin Glover, who almost knocked Letterman’s head off on live TV with a kick. Letterman was clearly uncomfortable and had to cut to a commercial to settle things with his guest.

Still, it wasn’t enough to ban any of his guests. That was until Harmony, and a certain moment that took place behind the scenes.

David Letterman caught Guest Harmony Korine looking in Meryl Streep’s purse backstage

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Thanks to James Franco, fans got a little more context as to why Harmony Korine stopped performing on Late Showsuddenly.

During their interview, James Franco brought up his name and how he was in a better place at the time.

“Harmony is a very sane guy now, a great artist and great person to work with, but I think he had a period where he went off the rails a little bit, so maybe he was on to something that night,” Franco said about filmmaker.

Franco did some digging and tried to find out why Harmony had been kicked off the show. According to his conversation with the filmmaker, it had to do with Meryl Streep and an apparent push that took place.

Letterman, however, had another side of the story.

“I went upstairs to greet Meryl Streep and welcome her to the show and I knocked on the door … and she wasn’t in there,” he said. “And I looked around and she wasn’t in there and I found Harmony through her purse. True story. And then I said, ‘That’s it, put her stuff back in the bag and then get out’.”

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Back in 2008, Korine revealed that things were falling apart in his personal life at the time.

“I became like a vagabond. I wasn’t lost. I didn’t think I was going to make it. I thought, ‘This could be the end.’ I had read enough books. I knew where this story ended. The story ends itself.”

Despite the controversy that would take place behind the scenes, Korine was a popular figure, at least during his interviews with David Letterman.

What did the fans think of Harmony Korine’s performances on the late show?

The last conversation about Harmony took place in 2013, although it was with James Franco during his appearance on Late Show. Korine himself had a few appearances during the 90s and his interviews always got the fans talking.

Mostly, fans raved about his intelligence and how he was able to think differently.

“Harmony is such a unique human being, I’ve never heard anyone else talk or act like he does, every line he says could be a comical quote out of context but even in context it’s still insane,” writes one fan on YouTube.

Another fan writes: “This is a masterpiece of miscommunication, Letterman thinks Korine is joking when he’s not, then gets offended when he tries to play with him.”

“Korine tries to fit what he’s thinking into short soundbites he thinks they want, but it just comes off as adversarial… Being tall as hell might have contributed though!”

Maybe Dave had it with the interviews and his antics backstage sealed his fate.

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