Julia Fox’s Leaf Dress Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

If there’s one thing we know about Julia Fox, it’s that she’s always going to give you a look.

There was that time she wore this head-to-toe denim outfit:

The time she wore this to an Oscars afterparty:

And this latex dress moment, just to name a few:

But not only is Julia stylish, she’s also innovative, creating many of her looks herself.

She just took to TikTok to show off her latest fashion flip — which is a dress made from leaves she found at a park.

In the clip, Julia explained how she loves seeing the leaves change colors and said she just “got really inspired” to make something. “And then I called my BFF Emma, ​​who is an artist and a resin master,” she explained.

“We cleaned off the leaves and then she started mixing the resin together and we were gonna freeze these leaves in time. So we just paint them really quickly before it oxidizes,” she said over a video of Emma painting the leaves. “And then we just kind of like made a little makeshift rack out of poster board and let them all sit there to dry.”

Julia then shared how they made the earrings before showing the construction of the dress. Using a hot glue gun, they bound a bunch of leaves together to make the top and skirt. Then they used hooks and chains to make it one whole piece.

LMK how you’re feeling about it in the comments!

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