Johnny Depp takes a break from Amber Heard trial and vacations in Europe

The recess that has taken the defamation trial facing ex-husbands Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was not only used by the judge, who had commitments in his work schedule, has also served for the actor to take a vacation in Europe.

Depp, 58, has been visiting countries like France spirit Englandrelaxing in the company of friends and trying to forget for a moment all the media pressure he is under while starring in the trial taking place in Fairfax, Virginia.

Initially, it was confirmed that the actor was in European territory, although without mentioning if the actor had a particular reason to leave the United States.

“Johnny is in Europe taking some time out to rest for a few days, hanging out with old friends, playing music, and is taking long walks in the countryside,” a source close to him told the New York Post.

Johnny Depp takes selfies with a fan in Sussex

However, it has been known that Depp has visited the south of France and also Sussex, a county in the south of England. Just in this last place he even took time to take some selfies with one of his fans.

Stephen Wishart, who works in an East Sussex store called King and McGaw, was fortunate enough to notice Depp entering the store last Wednesday afternoon.

Wishart and Depp took some photos together, in which they both appear smiling and the actor is shown with his hands on the shopkeeper’s shoulders. Stephen’s wife, Emma, ​​told the New York Times that Depp “was very nice and relaxed and they had a chat about guitars.”

Johnny Depp and a fan in Sussex, England.Twitter

What has Amber Heard done during the trial recess?

Heard has preferred to spend these last few days at her Texas ranch with her son and family, waiting for the trial to resume and precisely the actress will continue to testify on the stand, although now it will be the turn of Depp’s lawyers to cross- examine her.


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