Fans Tell Drew Barrymore “You Can’t Even Be Serious Right Now” After Seeing Her New TikTok

Drew Barrymore is back at it again on TikTok, and you’re not ready for this!

The Fire starter actress has her own daytime talk show, but she’s also immersed herself in the world of creating viral videos on TikTok. Along with her entertaining (and tear-inducing) apartment renovation updates, the 47-year-old had fans in a chokehold when she uploaded her now famous “Whenever you can, go into the rain” video.

With a contagious smile and more love for rain than we’ve ever had, Drew’s fans are loving seeing this free-spirited side of the talk show host. And she’s not showing any signs of slowing down on the social media platform, and from the looks of her latest TikTok, we can expect things to get more…interesting.

In her new 8-second clip, Drew’s singing Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” while wearing a tie-dye t-shirt from Justin Bieber’s apparel line that conveniently shares the same name as her.

To many people’s surprise, not only is Drew a great actress, but she’s got some pipes (well, sort of!). People left comments on her video like:

  • “You can’t even be serious right now. You’re my whole favorite. Like legit. And I just sang this 90 times.”

  • “OMG queen of vocals.”

  • “You should be a singer!”

  • “Awesome job!”

  • “She is too pure for this world.”

  • “Keep singing. you got this!”

After giving the chorus a try, she stops to joke, “I’m not Alicia Keys. I can never be Alicia Keys.” Even after being in the spotlight since a child, Drew isn’t afraid to have some fun and make a little fun of herself along the way. As a matter of fact, she does it all the time.

Presenting Exhibit A:

Let’s just add Drew’s singing video to the long laundry list of reasons we love her!

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