Chris Rock’s Brother Gets Asked About His New Hollywood Romance, And He Has All The Jokes

For most of the last several months Chris Rock was remaining in the headlines for getting slapped on live television. But it does look like the comedian’s luck has been changing, because he’s still making the headlines, it’s for a very different reason. And this time it’s much more positive. The comedian is reportedly in a relatively new relationship with actress Lake Belland Chris Rock’s brother is doing what all brothers do in that situation, making fun of fun of him.

TMZ caught up with Chris Rock’s brother Tony, who has been more than willing to speak out on his brother recently, and asked him what he thought of the fact that Chris was in the news due to his relationship. Tony says he’s very happy, because the fact that the media cares who his brother is dating must therefore mean that Chris Rock is considered good-looking, because if he was ugly nobody would care. Tony said…

As a brother, I’m very happy for him. Because, # 1: Nobody cares who the ugly guys are dating. Nobody cares who the ugly celebrities are dating. So the fact that this is getting so much attention, I’m like damn they must think my brother’s pretty handsome. I’m happy for him to be in this new handsome light. They never put him in the handsome box before. But to give a fuck who he’s dating, he must be the handsome box now. So I’m very happy for him. And it’s a white girl so he’s extra handsome I guess. Because she’s into him too and they normally do not like us.

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