Hardwick author Tracey Ryan publishes her fourth murder mystery novel

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Hardwick-born and raised author Tracey Ryan recently released “Wicked Nemesis of the Hunted,” the fourth book in her Massachusetts-based “Wicked Game of the Hunter” series. Worcester Magazine’s Last Call caught up with Ryan to talk books, writing and things only locals know.

Can you tell us about “Wicked Nemesis of the Hunted”?

It is the fourth in a row. The series is called “Wicked Game of the Hunter” and “Wicked Nemesis of the Hunted” is the fourth book in that series.

It has many of the same characters as the first three books, but is really about three main characters, Emma Sharpton, Hunter Logan and Ryan Donovan, who are also forced into a murder mystery with some corporate espionage. I won’t give away any spoilers, but Emma finds herself being stalked in the first three books, and this book picks up where they left off.

What is the premise of the series in general?

There’s a cancer prevention drug that Hunter Logan’s company is developing, and it’s a race against whoever tries to steal the formula for the drug. As I said, Emma had been kidnapped and stalked in the first three books, and Hunter and Ryan have been working to find out who is really the culprit behind all the shenanigans.

Author Tracey Ryan has released "Evil Nemesis of the Hunted," the fourth book in her Massachusetts-based series "Wicked Game of the Hunter."

It’s all about this cancer prevention drug that Hunter Logan and his company are developing. The “stalker/killer” in the book is paid to do these evil things, so they don’t know who is really behind what is happening, but the attempts on Emma and Hunter’s lives are about this cancer prevention drug and stealing the formula and components.

Can you talk about your writing? What is your process like?

I’d say it’s a little more on the dramatic side. It’s definitely exciting, fast-paced. I tend to delve into the character profiles so you really get to know the characters throughout the book, which I’ve been told by many of my readers helps them relate. I had one person tell me that it was like the characters were now their friends. I do a lot of detail around making sure people understand the psyche behind the characters and the actual story.

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