Greenville Co. Schools meet to discuss assessment books

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – The Greenville County School Board held a meeting Tuesday night with an update on the banning books controversy.

In May 2022, Greenville County School Board member Chuck Saylors wrote a letter urging federal lawmakers to require publishers to rate books similar to how movies, TV shows and video games are rated.

This will allow parents to know the content of what their child is reading.

Saylors said no decision was made at the meeting. Instead, it was just a casual conversation updating the board on the progress of his proposal in his original request to the board.

He also said that all media have a rating based on language, adult content, violence, drugs, etc. and publishers should follow the same requirements.

At the state level, he said he wants a system in place for better content regulation.

“It won’t grade the books, but it might help you upgrade the state department with better guidance on some common measures so that all of our school systems in the state can have a common framework when looking at what’s appropriate for a dumb when it comes to library books or classroom books,” Saylors said.

Right now, a bill has not been assigned, but it is on its way.

FOX Carolina spoke with the Department of Education about what this would look like in schools across the state if a law passes.

They said at this point it’s “too hypothetical” to say, but could potentially look different for each district.

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