Florida teacher raising money to make banned books available to students

A Brevard County teacher is fighting to get banned books into the hands of students. He’s doing so by raising money on Go Fund Me. He then buys the books and lets the kids take them home for free.

So far, Adam Tritt says they have most of the books that were included on the Moms for Liberty’s banned list which removed dozens of books from Brevard County Public schools. The Go Fund Me has raised more than $ 27,000. Tritt says the money goes to help students learn more about each other and themselves.

“A child walks up, a trans student walks up, and it picks up a book and says’ This is the book I’ve been looking for, but it’s not in my school. It was removed. I did not know this existed , because it was not in my school. This is the book to show me, to teach me who I am. ‘ We need to carry these books, “Tritt says.

Moms for Liberty has argued that the books on their banned list are not suitable for students.

“These books specifically violate Florida statute so Florida law says you can not have pornographic materials in schools,” said Ashley Hall with Moms for Liberty Brevard. “They have sexually explicit passages that detail sexual encounters. There are very violent rapes in some of the books”

Tritt says if you wish to help, you can go to the Go Fund Me page and donate or you can purchase the books yourself and donate them.


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