This miniature art exhibit is coming to NYC in February

The depth and creativity of Small Is Beautiful makes big waves on February 21 in New York at 718 Broadway. Join the waiting list to be the first to get tickets to this thoughtful little play, an exhibition featuring over 30 international artists and 130 works of art.

Small but mighty, this artistic adventure will be unforgettable!

Small is beautiful exhibition

This artistic universe that celebrates all things small first started through social networks, giving artists the freedom to express what Small Is Beautiful represents in their own way. This experience showcases creators from around the world, below is a handful of what visitors can expect.

  • Danny Cortes (NYC) – Brooklyn artist Danny Cortes recreates landscapes of his hometown from the 1990s. Now part of a New York City hotspot, Cortes keeps Brooklyn’s lost struggle and grit alive through his art, even if most of it is buried under gentrification. An ode to graffiti, stories of decay and a beloved music venue CBGB all feature in his work.
  • Vincent Bal (Belgium) – Artist Vincent Bal from Antwerp, who is known for playing with light and shadows, transforms everyday objects into fantastic and playful images. From a broken McDonald’s cup to a pineapple, Bal brings whimsy to his work.
  • Samsofy (France) – Visual artist Samsofy comes from Pont de Labeaume and mixes building models, installations, photography and street art. Figures are used to create entertaining scenes such as a Beatles concert from the 1960s, a tribute to Crocodile Dundee or even the home of Lord of the Rings character Gandalf.
  • Noelle Burd (Michigan) – Ann Arbor artist Noelle Burd specializes in small details for her intricate dioramas. These miniature structures celebrate the mystery of abandoned and desolate places. Whether it’s an unruly mid-century modern bathroom inspired by The Great Gatsby or a raging dining room turned shelter, Burd creates complex scenes using wood, clay and resin. Her pieces trigger curiosity, wonder and analysis.

Small is beautiful exhibition

  • Deny Fa’al (Iran) – Inspired by graffiti and origami, Negar Fall is a former art teacher from Tehran and uses paper and molding for his works. From colorful characters like Mila & Ken or Mr. Migor for small abstract objects like an old blender and shaving chair.
  • Minimiam (France) – The French-Japanese photo duo Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle based in Paris create food art in miniature. Test your palate with their light-hearted pieces like “Slice,” which features a tennis match played on watermelon and Leviathan, a sea monster that happens to be made of spaghetti.
  • Slinkachu (UK) – Based in London, Slinkachu places characters in urban environments…and then he leaves them. His miniature street art is meant to convey the isolation of life in the big cities. In different parts of Europe, he poses, paints and glues the characters, using scale to create a sense of fun and seclusion through his images.

This incredible piece of art will only be available to view in NYC for a limited time. Join the waiting list to secure your tickets!

Small is beautiful exhibition

In addition to featuring artists from around the world, workshops are also available for children ages 7-12. Additionally, there is a shop near the experience where you can purchase limited edition artwork from on-site artists. Ticket prices start at just $18.50.

Small Is Beautiful has cast a spell over 75,000 visitors in Paris and London. Now the movement is ready to open the minds of art lovers in New York!

Small Is Beautiful: Miniature Art Exhibition - Waiting List

Small Is Beautiful: Miniature Art Exhibition – Waiting List

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