Supporting emerging artists and making artwork accessible go hand in hand for Artsper

Bordeaux-based artist Jéko also took to Artsper for the opportunity it presents to display work to people “who would have otherwise never discovered it” – “it provides me a lot of visibility,” Jéko says. But according to the artist, platforms like Artsper are also changing how audiences look at and access art, often turning passing site-browsers into new-time art buyers. “It enriches the overall visibility of art, encouraging people who typically do not frequent museums or galleries to gain interest in it. Who knows, perhaps it also converts people into art lovers? ” In line with this inclusive ethos, Artsper makes concerted efforts to keep things affordable, with artwork options covering a wide range of price points. “Beyond buying or selling, it is also an excellent showcase as Instagram can be,” adds Jéko. Scrolling through the abstract, spontaneous, colorfully childlike work of Jéko on Artsper, one gets a sense of how the marketplace can be used in a way much like Instagram, as a place of discovery.

As a place for selling artwork, while Instagram initially worked for Gabrielle Rul – a French artist based in Paris – the model “seriously slowed down” in the pandemic. The artist decided it was time to set prices based on size. But marketing strategies remained a “struggle to think about” for Gabrielle. That was until discovering Artsper. “I just have to post my pieces and then communicate a bit about it, without having to deal with the building of a website.” It’s a match that works well as accessibility is also high up on Gabrielle’s priority list. As someone who is occasionally shy about going into galleries, the artist argues for Artsper breaking traditional art viewing formats. But also: “I want people to be able to afford something from my universe and make it theirs without having to sell a kidney.” Browse works from this “universe”, featuring fluid multi-disciplinary offerings with a penchant for the ink pot here.

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