Stylish MCU Fan Art recreates Iron Man, Black Panther as 90s hip hop artists

Marvel fan and artist Dodgy Dogma shares AI-generated artwork featuring some of the franchise’s most popular heroes as ’90s hip-hop artists.

Reddit user Dodgy Dogma, a self-proclaimed geek who has fun with AI-generated artwork typically intended for tabletop RPGs, has released several artistic renditions of prominent Marvel Cinematic Universe characters as classic 90s hip-hop artists -style.

The latest pieces released by the artist, which feature Iron Man, Black Panther and the Hulk, can be seen on Dodgy Dogma’s Reddit page. Dodgy Dogma describes the style as 50 percent mid-travel and 50 percent photoshop. Unlike previously released artwork, the three most recent works received titles.

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The Iron Man image, titled “Tony as our MC,” recalls Iron Man 2 birthday party scene where a drunken Tony Stark scratches some records and shoots some fruit until War Machine clears out the party. The second piece, “T’Challa as the Slam Poet,” features Black Panther holding a microphone with a stylish new haircut that slips out from under his helmet and a leather jacket with rolled sleeves covering his Vibranium suit. In addition to the billionaire philanthropist and Wakandan king, Dodgy Dogma released a piece for the Hulk featuring “Bruce the Bouncer” in a cut-off vest wearing a gold chain with spiky hair.

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Prior to this latest drop, Dodgy Dogma had already completed punk rock renditions of Thor and his sinister brother Loki, dubbed “The God of Mischief and Moshpits” by user 68ideal. Thor’s art has the god of thunder wearing his Donald Blake alias t-shirt from the first time Thor movie, with a much bigger and more ferocious version of Mjolnir. The Loki piece dresses the God of Mischief in a grungy t-shirt with his horns seemingly growing straight out of his head. When Dodgy Dogma asked fans for suggestions for other artwork, BellaFrequency suggested Miles Morales with his graffiti and Black Widow as a breakdancer. WickedMarvel08 also commented that “Guardians would be sick.”

AI-generated art is a relatively new medium with deep learning algorithms or generative adversarial networks, referred to as GANs, first introduced in 2014. Several fans have asked Dodgy Dogma if prints of the artwork are available for purchase, and they are on the artist’s page on RedBubble, where a 90s Spider-Man in a worn-out hoodie and a punk rock Odin are also for sale. In addition to Marvel renditions, Dodgy Dogma has dedicated artistic efforts to creating minotaurs, centaurs, sea serpents, and even an owl bear, all high-quality reference art intended for tabletop RPGs. Some of the pieces are also available printed on black t-shirts.

Source: Reddit

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