She-Hulk Concept Art Provides a Detailed Look at Daredevil’s First MCU Costume

Concept art from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law takes a close look at Daredevil wearing the red and yellow costume designed for the Disney+ MCU series.

Concept art for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law sees Jen Walters’ ally Daredevil clad in his first Marvel Cinematic Universe costume from the Disney+ series.

Shared on Instagram by Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, the images show the Man Without Fear standing in front of a foggy background while wearing the suit. Closer looks at the artwork also show small details, such as exposed bits of gray on Daredevil’s mostly yellow mask and a yellow smudge on his right shoulder pad.

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This isn’t the only bit of Daredevil-related concept art from She-Hulk to have been shared to the public, as one piece from series concept artist Wes Burt had revealed that Daredevil’s enemy Bushwacker almost appeared in the show.

A New Costume for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil

The suit itself had been praised by returning Matt Murdock/Daredevil actor Charlie Cox, who recounted learning about it through a computer-generated drawing. “It was a rendering of this gold and red suit and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that is so cool,'” recalled Cox. “It’s such a great homage to some of the earlier ones Daredevil runs. I got goosebumps thinking about this moment, putting it on and the fans’ reaction.”

As for his appearances on She-HulkCox noted that while Daredevil works better as a show for adults, he felt that this was an opportunity to put the character in a more fun world. “It was just a question of freeing up a little bit and allowing myself as an actor to go toe-to-toe with [She-Hulk actor] Tatiana [Maslany] and make sure that Daredevil didn’t become the butt of the joke because he’s overly serious, to make sure he had his charisma, charm and wits,” he added. “Whether that will play into what we do next year with Daredevil: Born Again I don’t know, but it was certainly a fun experiment.”

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Head writer Jessica Gao originally thought that She-Hulk‘s writers wouldn’t be allowed to use Daredevil, and when they got confirmation that they could do so, they thought it was a prank. “We just kept writing him in, and we kept rolling with the story just thinking like, ‘Okay, any moment now they’re going to tell us we can’t use them. They made a mistake. They actually don’t have the rights,'” Gao continued. “But it just kept [becoming] more and more real. And it was so hard to keep that secret!”

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney+.

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