Appleton agrees to talks about moving Trout Museum to riverfront park

APPLETON – The city has agreed to enter talks with the Trout Museum of Art about the museum’s desire to relocate on public property at Ellen Kort Peace Park along the Fox River.

The Common Council on Wednesday authorized staff to explore a potential partnership with the museum. The vote was 9-3 with one abstention.

“Regardless of the ultimate decision, and I’m still not convinced, we owe the community a thorough examination of the proposal,” council member Denise Fenton said.

The Trout Museum has decided to build a 30,000-square-foot museum instead of renovating its existing building adjacent to Houdini Plaza, and its preferred location is Ellen Kort Peace Park.

Executive Director Christina Turner estimated the cost of the new museum at $10 million. Monroe and Sandra Trout contributed $5 million to the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region to support the project.

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