Alan Wake 2 Concept Art Shared, But No News This Summer

Remedy has revealed some brand new Alan Wake II concept art, featuring the man himself, one creepy enemy, and two dark and moody locations. All four are embedded below, but you should not expect this to be the start of an info blowout. The Finnish developer has confirmed the game will not be shown off this summer – for example, during a Summer Game Fest showcase – so the team can focus on getting the title done. It’s currently slated to arrive in 2023 for PlayStation 5 and other platforms.

In the anniversary update video (Alan Wake was released for Xbox 360 around this time 12 years ago) above, creative director Sam Lake says development is going well and a lot of the game is already playable. “We want to make sure we create the best possible experience, the best first survival-horror game from Remedy. We do not want to take focus away from the team right now.” Therefore, there will not be an update from the studio in the coming months.

Elsewhere in the video, it’s confirmed the rights for an Alan Wake TV show have been sold to AMC, and that Alan Wake Remastered is launching for Nintendo Switch at the end of this year. Alongside Alan Wake II, Remedy is now remaking Max Payne and Max Payne II: The Fall of Max Payne for PS5 with backing from Rockstar Games.


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